About US

About us

We are a multilingual and multicultural family, from Atlanta, GA (USA), of seven who loves to live an adventurous life! With have five beautiful kids who are being world(home)schooled while traveling and learning with mommy and daddy. We are always on an adventure to the unknown. Once we had a breakfast in Turkey, and enjoyed our dinner in Paris. Then we had breakfast in Germany and lunch in Rome. With us you never know. Our never ending adventures are fun, amazing, breathtaking and most importantly educational and joyous. 

We enjoy and consciously live a lifestyle that makes us happy and is filled with new adventures, experiences, personal growth, true and real education, as well as personal missions. 

Last few years we’ve been spending and exploring an extraordinary country – Turkey! For many, Turkey is still not on a list but our goal is to share our experience and lifestyle to encourage you to visit and experience this gem of the world! While exploring this beautiful country we decided to call Kusadasi our second home. It’s a breathtaking place with amazing beaches and turquoise sea, warmhearted people and super delicious foods, endless historical and religious sites, and so much more. 

Our lifestyle and experiences have encouraged us to make a positive and beautiful change in this world. To spread this kind of lifestyle with all of those who dream of such but simply can’t find the courage to do so. Our goal is to help people live intentionally and dream big. 

We have partnered with a five star resorts to help everyone to live a a month, two or few at a reasonable price and explore a country rich in history, culture and traditions. We encourage everyone, in spite of obstacles and circumstances, to dream with eyes wide open, and to dream BIG. Life is meant to be adventurous and extraordinary and each and everyone of us has a power to create a life the way we want it to be! 

Enjoy our pictures and stories, and for any travel information to Turkey, please free to contact us! 

We can’t wait to explore and show you this magnificent country! See you soon!